Zeph Kid's days

My life. Nothing more.

Full of Anger

Nothing more to tell.

Sick: Day 2.

I was doing nothing whole day. But I made this weird SAMPLE-ATTACK.


Yesterday was a good but unproductive day. Went to college in the morning, found out that there won’t be any classes. But there was going to be some kind of celebration. Well, I stuck there for 2-3 hours. Later I went to charity exhibition with my collegian club “NEFU International”. Today I failed my driving test for the 7th time. I don’t care anymore and listen to my new beat.

Dumb brain won’t let poor legs to relax.

I am dumb. I woke up at 6:30 and went to the hospital. I got there in 7:30. For another half-hour I was standing in the line to register. Only when it was my turn to register I saw a note on the check-window saying: “Surgeon doesn’t accept patients on this week”. I was angry. But still I skipped classes. I hate these pointless English classes where a teacher can’t teach me. But I hope the day will go okay from now.

The Beggining.

Hello! My name is Afonya aka Zeph Kid. Once upon a time I was born and the world got weirder. I’m living in Siberia, Yakutsk - probably the coldest town in the world (-50*C every winter). Right now it’s -32*C - not that bad (can play my 3DS outside finally!). I love music, video games and basketball.
Why I started a blog?

I have no idea. But I hope you’ll like because I will do some crazy stuff.

But for now you can listen to my music that I made up in FL Studio.

And one song that I wrote and actually was singing! I hope you’ll enjoy it!
P.S.: my voice sucks at the high notes so I’ll stop making stuff like that.